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Your home and the people you can share it with can be a great source of joy, but deception in your home or intimate relationship can make it difficult to enjoy family life. Put your mind at rest and receive comprehensive intelligence about what is going on in the lives of your family and loved ones with International Investigators in Singapore.  Our qualified detectives have many years of experience and will be able to get you the results you need. Our team are fully trained and equipped with all the necessary intelligence gathering skills to successfully bring you the information you need within the specified time frame.

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Monitoring spouses and family members:

  • To report on the movements and activities of spouses and significant others
  • To instigate any evidence of bad habits such as illicit substance use, drinking, womanizing and gambling
  • To investigate the possibility of extra marital relationships or infidelity
  • To provide comprehensive feedback on the movement of a fiancée or fiancé leading up to marriage

Child Custody:

  • Monitoring the movements and activities of a child or teenager
  • Gather necessary evidence to use in a custody case. An example of this is investigating if the child is being neglected or abused by a parent, their partner, or other children in the household

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To learn more about the extensive range of services our private detective agency in Singapore is able to offer, please contact one of our hotlines. To enquire about engaging one of our detectives to work on a family or matrimonial case, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through the online enquiry form.