Commercial Cases

Private Detective Agency in Singapore

Our investigators are professionally trained and equipped with specialized skills to gather crucial evidence within the specified time-frame.

Get in touch with our qualified consultants to learn more about the following services:

Monitoring employees or business partners:

  • To monitor their movements and activities
  • To gather evidence on the wrongdoings of employees/business partners. For example, checking if they are involved in commercial theft
  • Screen candidates prior to their employment

Mystery Shopper:

  • Work undercover and take up the role of a customer to check the quality of the products and services rendered by your staff
  • Perform undercover operations to gather evidence of any Copyright/Trademark & Patent Infringement

Other services

  • Perform background check
  • Debugging
  • Overseas surveillance
  • Check for vandalism/theft
  • Monitor your maid’s movements
  • Trace missing people
  • Handwriting/computer forensics
  • Offer family or marriage counseling
  • Due diligence search